Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Umbrella in the Mud!

Just to let my readers know that I am still alive, well, and kicking! The campaign is heating up, and so, by the way, am I. McCain's daily discharges of petulant energy are becoming raw optical experience: something extraordinary to behold! Gertrude Stein briefly returned to life the other day and passed on some campaign comments to Virgil, who then passed them on to me:

"This one, and the one I am now beginning describing is JOHN MCCAIN and this is a little story of the acting in his being....he was running and he was in the street and it was a muddy one and he had an umbrella that he was dragging and he was crying.'I will throw the umbrella in the mud,' he was saying...and no one was near him and he was dragging the umbrella and bitterness possessed him, 'I will throw the umbrella in the mud,'...'I will throw the umbrella in the mud,' and there was desperate anger in him; 'I have throwed the umbrella in the mud,' burst from him, he had thrown the umbrella in the mud and that was the end of it all in him...."

Meanwhile, in the absence of writing about all of the month's events myself, I have been collecting some of the more juicy tidbits from other blogs, a little midsummer gift to you from the COLLAGE QUEEN! as follows: (Please enjoy)

"Consider the huge difference in intelligence level between McCain and Obama. McCain blunders and stumbles and is just hard to watch because he is embarassing himself. Obama projects eloquence and charisma, an image which inspires our pride. Instead of addressing this shockingly huge disparity in talents, the press is trying to convince us that somehow we have two relatively equal contenders.
How is it that the press has no problem raising the issue of Obama's lack of political experience but shies from the very real issue of McCain's lack of intellect."

"Bush has to have all the unwashed held off a couple blocks away in "first amendment zones" in his own country. Can you imagine him standing in front of 200,000 germans and giving one of his uhh, duuh, speeches or McSame doing the same? McSame is most comfortable standing in front of the cheese rack in Krogers. bush and McSame would have trouble filling all the seats in a porta-potty."

"This is a pretty bad week for Mc CAIN...the surge is supposed to work but there is an assassination,
he wants oil drilling but there's been this accident on the Mississippi...Obama is overseas making a triumph there and Mc CAIN is having hard time trying to...i don't even know what he is trying to do but i do know that he is complaining(whinning?) over this success..."

"While Barack was abroad trying to restore the respect America lost under Bush/McCain, McCain lurked behind at home telling lies about him. This is indeed a dishonorable campaign, reeking of desperation."

"Obama shone and regalled everywhere. MCBush whined and cursed. Obama made us all proud about this country. The sight of hundereds of thousands listening to an American politician and waving an American flag is one we have longed to see for the last eight years. Neocons scortched this country and reduced us to a warring nation without intellect. Obama changed that with a single speech and a single trip abroad. God bless him."

"McCain turns 72 on August 29th. I hope Obama"s team marks the day by advising the public that McCain"s political ambition drove him to kick his mother off the campaign trail after she assured the voters that her son was GWB biggest supporter.

"How can you tell when John McCain is lying?"
"When his lips are moving."

"Ready BEFORE Day One. Ready Now.
God this guy is good."

"Both McCain (894th out of 899 at Annapolis) and George W. Bush revel in their under-achieving school days, as if this made these scions of hyper-privilege any closer to real people. This tactic clearly succeeded well enough for Bush to be elected president twice, and McCain to be nominated once. But there is a sense that American voters may not be taken in again and that they may actually enjoy as president someone who isn't an inbred moron or a senile fratboy."

"What angers John McCain and bemuses many traditional observers is how unflappable Barack Obama remains in public, no matter how condescending the attacks. There is little doubt that the thick skin he grew over decades came in handy as he started to run for president. The past 18 months surely were not the first time Obama was baited for being black, for being white, for being Muslim, or for not being from "here," and it must be fascinating, although not unexpected, for him to see these patronizing attitudes resurface at this stage of his life. For the rest of us, what is fascinating is to witness how these old-school mindsets are backfiring on those who hold them, making them look less wise, more prejudiced, less fit to lead and altogether completely unappealing."

"Mc and his campaign are looking more unprofessional, childish and stupid by the day."

"This coming Monday, August 4th is Sen. O's birthday I plan to double my monthly donation for this occasion. I hope others will also consider a donation on Monday, let's give O his biggest fund raising day yet!"


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Hi Suzi.

My name is Peter Krebs--I'm the artist who picked up Conversations Beyond the End of Time at the Red Cabin residency last summer then wrote you a letter.

Thanks for your kind response. I'm spending the calendar month of August at VA Center for Creative Arts and would love to pay you a visit while I'm in the region. Emailing seems less intrusive than calling so that's why I'm contacting this way.

If you're around and/or are doing a gathering this month and have an extra space, please email me: peter{at}culturecurrent-dot-com

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