Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dancing with Wolves

Just when you think things can't get any worse, they get worse. Forget my Betty Boop analogy in the last blog: it was way off base--dead wrong--despite the weird physical resemblance. In her political debut last night before the American public at the ghastly Republican convention, Sarah Palin succeeded in making even the worst vermin in that party, Mitt Romney and Rudy Guiliani, look like jello. Well, maybe not exactly jello, but in comparison with Palin, the killer instincts of these men fell so wide of the mark they ended up looking pathetic and just plain disgusting. Sarah Palin, in contrast, is anything but pathetic; she came across as just plain dangerous. Last night the American public witnessed one of the most extraordinary displays of ruthlessness and deceit in its history. Sarah Palin is the "October surprise," arriving somewhat prematurely in September.

Beautifully disguised as Everywoman, with a few frontier wilderness archetypes tossed in, Sarah Palin proved she is Karl Rove in spades, Dick Cheney in drag, a woman with a pretty face, a cute family, and a hideous, clawed tongue. No wonder Mac the Black referred to her as his "soul mate." These two may perfectly deserve each other, but our poor, beleaguered country cannot take much more of this, or it will die. It will die from an overdose of abuse and lies.

Sarah Barracuda may look like she just stepped out of a chorus line, but she is nasty piece of work, well-versed in blood sports. Not only does she dance with wolves, she also shoots them from the air in helicopters. Last night, this "aerial wolf-sniper" put her vicious training to smart political use when she had Barack Obama in her sights and fired on all cylinders. Palin isn't the type of hunter who looks into the eyes of her prey and meets it with compassion. She shoots to kill and obviously enjoys every moment of the slaughter. Some comments from a few friends on my email today:

"i felt a subtle, terrifying shudder, whenever she made a snide remark, which curled her lip, wrinkled her nose and caused her eye glasses to rise up. She is a power-hungry, arrogant, angry and ruthless person. we don't see many women liike this ever! She is an anomaly. i can easily imagine her delivering torture and even serving on the gestapo or as a guard in one of Hitler's camps."

"I did hear her voice on NPR upon waking up…shrew was my first thought…evil mean bitch was a close second. Why are Republicans SO mean-spirited, so so so mean and cruel, but their own mistakes and flaws are viewed as ok? Evil and scary."

"I watched it and I am sick. She was real good at convincing the crowd that she was very qualified for the job and was a real person with her own ideas. It seems that the GOP 's platform now sounds like the Dem. platform. Are not the Dems for change? I am not watching this anymore."

"Going to light lots of candles tomorrow for Obama and Biden.
They are going to need some help.
It all comes down to--are there more of them... or more of us?"

That, my friends, is the big $64,000 question. In the electoral map, does the compass now point north? We'll have to live on pins and needles right down to the wire until we finally get the answer to that question.


Anonymous said...

I knew that you would have something to say about the Sarah the Impaler!
I'm very worried about the future of civil rights, freedom of choice, free speech, economic stability and the possible destruction of the world through war from this virulent right-wing, gun-toting, evangelical co-opting the language of the feminist movement. I hope the press, the public and Obama and Joe Biden can
reveal the truth about her as a clever puppet of the Far Right.

Anonymous said...

I just posted about her too.
She makes McCain look like a choir boy.

Also, here's some news on the latest, that Obama and Biden might press charges against Bush.