Sunday, October 5, 2008

Virgil's Boss Takes a Hit

I stand duly corrected and humiliated for my previous post "Holiday with McCain." It is a phony, an Internet decoy and like a sitting duck I fell for it and got my butt kicked. Rather than simply deleting the post, however (it's only been up for less than 24 hours), I am appending the rest of the story here as an object lesson, and as my public whupping for being caught out with my pants down. I ask for readers' forgiveness. From the alleged author of the essay came this email:

"Apologies for this general statement, but it's the best I can do. I have received thousands of emails and phone calls about the Turtle Island account. I spend many hours every day replying but still can't keep up.

I did NOT write that account, forward it under my name, or ask for it to be widely distributed. Nor did I make public an account by my "friend Ana Dubey." I don't know Ms. Dubey, or even if she exists.

I have never been to Turtle Island (which costs $2000/day), have never met Senator McCain, was a classics major, not an English Literature major, and never eat pancakes.
I have no way of knowing whether this story is true or false, and unless/until the real author comes forward we won't know. I regret any misinformation which is circulating. This is NOT an organized effort on the part of any political candidate.

How I think this happened: on 16 September I received this account fourth-hand and forwarded it, with full email trail information and the name of the purported author Ms. Dubey, to several friends with whom I discuss politics. It was further forwarded, and at some point I was identified as the author or as making the story public on behalf of Ms. Dubey. I suspect whoever did this thought that my name and contact information would make the story more credible. is investigating the account; current status "undetermined." They have posted my disclaimer.

I hope you will pass this information on to anyone interested in this story."


p.s. see the article "Make-Believe Maverick" in the current ROLLING STONE
Mary-Kay Gamel
Professor of Classics, Comparative Literature, and Theater Arts
Cowell College
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California 95064
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And to the commentator who wrote me directly on the blog in the Comments column to point this out, if somewhat less kindly, my profound apologies. I have learned a forever lesson. You are absolutely right in what you said, and I am also appending that blog comment here:

"As usual, your hate blinds your judgment. This letter on which you have placed your imprimatur is a farce. Sadly, so are you.

You have no shame in surrendering reason for a dime-bag's worth of Turkish Delight - the sweet satisfaction of any vitriolic ranting against “the other side.” Truth be damned.

I don’t suppose you considered fact checking before proving you are no longer worthy of anyone’s trust.

You have moved from the comic relief to a pathetic Iago wanna be.

You really need to turn your heart away from such debilitating hatred. Even your crocodilian confidant will tell you that."

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