Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Nik's Gone

This time it's not Delia, but Nik who's gone. Nik has been my stalwart and unflappable computer tutor for nearly a year. My blog comes to you compliments of Nik. I could never have have done it without him. Even the multi-talented Virgil could not have done it without him.

Nik graduates today from Virginia Tech and goes on to greener pastures in the digital world. As Bill Clinton, quoting Virgil, says, "You have to go where you're planted." Nik, as you will see, has just a hint of cheesecake, and a brilliant brain to go with it. He loves wine and biking. He's a guy with a flair and I wish him well as he backpacks into the unknown. Nik, you taught me things my mother never did. I am sad that you've gone.

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EZ PZ said...

Metamorphosis, passages, endings, beginnings and all the ripples that result from these processes seem to be mixed heavily into life’s soup of late. I'm sure that Virgil has been imprinted with some of Nik's patterns that will remain with you both forever. If technology ever stands in the way of you and Virgil communicating with the rest of us, please ask, I would consider it an honor to help. A muse such as Virgil is needed by many but revealed to only of few. The Bimbo Borg knows where to find me.